Joe Wood

Joe wood is the owner and founder of Parasol Tattoo Company. He specializes in custom Polynesian and geometric design work as well as photorealistic black and grey and bold color Japanese. Joe is from Albany, he loves painting, hiking, reading and his family. He was first inspired to look into tattooing by his 11th grade art teacher, who thought his artwork would be well suited for that profession. A chance encounter with the owner of Needlewurks led him on his journey into the tattoo world in 2003 in New York. Joe moved to Hawaii two years later to work at Big island tattoo under the tutelage of the amazing Rockwood Rick. “The year I spent working with him was an amazing learning experience and helped lay the foundation for the work I do today”. Hawaii was also the place he developed a love for not only Polynesian artwork but their culture as well. Once he returned to NY he returned to Needlewurks in Saratoga Springs for the next 12 years, working closely with and learning from some of the best artist’ the capitol region had to offer. After a recent trip to Japan his love of Japanese culture was renewed, while visiting he was offered a job at a well respected shop, although unable to take it. He does however look forward to returning and doing guest spots at various different shops and learning as much as possible about their tattoo style and culture. When not traveling to tattoo conventions Joe can be found at his shop in Saratoga Springs NY. ‘’I am beyond excited to start this new chapter and hope to inspire and be inspired by all the amazing people that I cross paths with on this journey”.